The ME Breakthrough Workshop Program

The ME Breakthrough Workshop Program 

The ME Breakthrough Workshops are based on content provided focusing on growth and achieving goals. The workshops are designed to force you out of your comfort zone into a new life of achievements. 

Workshops that I provide:

Mindset, Heart-Set and Triggers: Why we do the things we do

Stress and Anxiety: You can't escape it, but you can cope with it!

Goal Getter: Are you ready to work? (3 hours with Laptop requirement)

The Money Talk: How is your Relationship with Money?

These workshops can also be done all at once if time permits (Each workshop is 90 min to 2 hours long excluding Goal Getter which can be motified)

If there is anything direct or specific that you would like me to provide to your group we can set up a meeting to get the content that works best for you!

Workshops include:

Writing assignments 

Group and partner discussions 

Note Taking 

Networking Opportunities and Meet and Greet with other like minded people 

Brea Williams