Brea is a Life Coach with experience in one-on-one coaching as well as public speaking. With a background in Hospitality Training and Communications, Brea has become a voice of reason and problem solver that has resulted in her effective coaching for mental and emotional health.

Fueled by her passion for others, Brea’s vision is to help people become the best versions of themselves. Through one-on-one weekly sessions, Brea works with clients to help them uncover their wants and needs while breaking through the barriers of their past. And by looking towards the future, she motivates her clients to accomplish their goals.

Brea not only offers reliable and dedicated support for her clients but takes accountability for the growth and progress of each person she works with. She thrives on maintaining a healthy mindset and emotional intelligence, assets that sparked her drive to become a successful Life Coach. And it’s her desire to help people discover their own ingenuities that have benefited clients the most.